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Voted employee of the month by his colleagues! Well done James.

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Emma here with Sue voted employee of the month in January by her colleagues

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On 25th September 2014, we had a fundraising day for Macmillan Cancer, in which we raised £288.
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Every Monday in September receive a free side with every meal.

To receive this offer simply subscribe to our website, which can be done by pressing the “special offers” tab, which can be found at the top right of our website. Once you are subscribed, we will email you with your offer voucher.

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Throughout the month of September in Barnard Castle, you can save money eating the best fish and chips around with our 2 for 1 deal on standard portions of Cod and Chips in our restaurant only on a Monday evening. In order to receive this offer, all you have to do is click on the “special offers” tab which can be found to the top right of this post, and complete the form. We will then email you with our special offers voucher.




The sights, sounds and people of Bridlington Old Town Festival 2014.

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Yorkshire Water brings in Bridlington’s new sewerage pipe.

I’m not expecting this one to get many likes or approvals. Herring Gulls – understandably – have a bit of a bad rep in Bridlington. Their noisey early morning calls are usually unwelcomed. However below that brash exterior they are magnificent powerful birds and this one was lit beautifully last night by the late evening sun. It seemed majestic looking out across the harbour – if only they understood not to start shouting before 7am!


On the other hand – this was the scene when we got back to the car – completely sprayed in gull droppings – do they deserve their Bad Reputation?


Timelapse: Squally showers over Bridlington.

A timelapse from Sewerby cliffs as the thunderstorms rolled through yesterday. The end frame shows when the hail storm hits the camera and at that point a huge lighting fork lit the sky above us and we decided discretion was the better part of valour and ran to the the cricket club and the guys in there were kind enough to give us refuge until it passed.

The First Frames at the Seniors competition of the European Black Ball Championship held at the Spa over the next week.

A little Choppy out at Sea

Sign’s of life returning to Bridlington Tourism trade.

Signs of Spring with Summer just around the corner!

Bridlington Looking majestic under dramtic skies, from Sewerby Cliffs

Angry Skies over the beach at Danes Dyke.

Photographs from our sponsored 50 mile bike ride around Manchester for Sports Relief. Thanks to all our customers and suppliers who supported us.Team149sml-1












Darkness falls over Bridlington and the harbour

We have achieved the top food hygiene rating

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